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Chocolate Desserts to Die For! by Dame Bev Shaffer

Chocolate Desserts to Die For!

by Dame Bev Shaffer
In this next installment of Bev Shaffer's To Die For! Series, home cooks will learn how to craft any chocolate delight. This tasted-and-tested collection spans the chocolate dessert spectrum, including everything from soufflés to brûlées, from fondues to tarts. The recipes incorporate dark, milk, and white chocolates and range from classic to more adventurous suggestions. In addition to providing recipes, Chef Shaffer suggests unique ways to pair chocolate with other flavors, create chocolate buffets, and give chocolate as gifts. A brief history of chocolate and baking tips are also included.

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Cleveland's West Side Market: 100 Years & Still CookingCleveland's West Side Market: 100 Years & Still Cooking

by Dame Marilou Suszko and Laura Taxel
The West Side Market is a rare culinary and cultural resource, a nationally significant architectural treasure, and part of Cleveland's distinctive urban landscape. In continuous use since it opened in 1912, it's among the oldest municipally owned and operated retail food arcades and one of only a handful of such places left in the country. This book chronicles the history of this notable Cleveland landmark and all it offers consumers and culinary aficionados. The book takes readers on a nostalgic tour of the market building, outdoor arcades and into the lives of many vendors and Market families who are the true foundation of this historic public market. Readers will discover foods, traditions and family rituals that were started and nurtured at the Market and enjoy humorous, touching and sometimes bawdy stories of what it was like to grow up, grow old and carve out a living at the Market. Many of the stories and memories captured in this book include personal family histories told here for the first time. The volume is rich with many never before published vintage and contemporary photographs and images that create an delightful armchair tour of this magnificent landmark and a must see destination for food lovers no matter where they live.

Visit Marilou Suszko's Website | Buy Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | University Of Akron Press

Cookbook: Cooking with Les Dames d'Escoffier Cooking with Les Dames d'Escoffier
Featuring notable women in the culinary field, including Lidia Bastianich, the late Julia Child, Alice Waters, and more, including three Cleveland Dames!
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A portion of the proceeds supports our Green Tables initiative.

In the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs by Dame Maria IsabellaIn the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs

by Dame Maria Isabella
takes you into the private kitchens of 35 local culinary greats to discover what they would prepare for their last-minute guests in one hour or less. This award-winning cookbook features 119 detailed recipes for delicious signature meals that can be prepared quickly and easily. Helpful wine pairings are offered as well, and gorgeous full-color photographs showcase both the chefs and their culinary masterpieces. In addition, Dame Maria's profiles of each chef offer fascinating insights into everything from their personal life stories to their secret tips for successful last-minute entertaining.
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Now Cooking with Tea
by Dame Gloria Cipri Kemer
Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of our building, this petite cook book is full of helpful hints and recipes for giving a tea party. Includes our traditional Oatmeal Scone Mix and our premium loose leaf Champagne Rose Tea (a blend of black and white tea with sweet vanilla – wild floral bergamot flavor) for $22.00.

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Stirring the Senses!: Creating Magical Environments & Feasts for all Seasons!Stirring the Senses!: Creating Magical Environments & Feasts for all Seasons!

by Dame Beth Schreibman Gehring
Are you ready to fall madly in love with your life? In Stirring the Senses you will find many seasonal suggestions, new ideas for feasting and celebrating, food musings and plenty of suggestions for creating a wonderfully romantic life, lived fully as an endless celebration. Join Cleveland tastemaker Beth Schreibman Gehring in making every season and everyday a remarkable treat to be experienced by everyone that you love.
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Storehouse Tea
by Dame Paula Hershman
At Storehouse Tea we source our organic tea leaves and ingredients from local and international farmers that follow sustainable practices. We are passionate about producing a high quality hand crafted loose leaf tea, blended with care. Storehouse Tea values the diversity of our human resources. Our packaging team is composed of people with developmental disabilities in Cleveland Ohio. We are honored to nourish your family and our future one delicious and healthy sip at a time! Get to know us at storehousetea.com

Citron Jasmine

Organic Fair Trade Green Tea and Green Rooibos

Organic green tea blended with green rooibos and fresh jasmine blossoms, infused with natural orange, lemon grass and myrtle give this tea a smooth, soothing, citrus jasmine flavor. Excellent iced! Visit our website to see our selection of 50 plus Organic, Fair Trade, loose leaf teas. Shop: storehousetea.com

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