Les Dames D'Escoffier of Cleveland  

Chapter Co-Presidents
Cynthia Schuster Eakin
and Marty Nagele

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Dames Dish!: Springing a Leek (And Other Veggies)

Dames Dish!: The Cleveland LDEI Newsletter

Dame du Jour

Click here for Dame du Jour match-ups and deadlines!

Dame du Jour Pairings

  • Marla Monzo-Holmes and Myra Orenstein
  • Ruth Levine and Crickett Karson
  • Linda Flannery and Paris Wolfe
  • Noelle Celeste and Jackie Bebenroth
  • Beth Schreibman Gehring and Krystal Kovacik


  • Download Questionnaire
  • Meet with the Dame you are paired with for coffee, wine, or on the phone. Ask each other the questions on the questionnaire. This is meant to be a fun way for all of us to get to know each other better. Hope you enjoy!
  • Submit your interview (questionnaire) of your partner, and a photo of yourself to Maria Isabella.
  • Enjoy learning more about fellow Dames by reading the blog regularly!







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